Gelding Sale

The Gelding Sale at Red Bluff is an event that truly mixes business with pleasure. Folks come from far and wide to take part. Whether they are there to sell, buy, socialize, shop or simply sit down and watch, one thing is for sure, they come to Red Bluff the last Friday of January. For over fifty years Red Bluff has earned the reputation of offering high quality geldings.
Why should you consign your good gelding to Red Bluff?  Our goal is to provide a forum where horsemen and horsewomen can market their superior geldings to motivated buyers looking for horses they can use on the ranch, in the arena, the sorting pen or show ring.
To this end we have made winning at Red Bluff a lucrative proposition. Our stockhorse and cutting competitions have $3,000 added each. In 2019 the stockhorse payout was $6,780 split 50-30-20. The ranch cutting payout was $6,420 split 50-30-20. The Herman Daugherty Memorial snaffle bit / hackamore class has $2,000 added and is also jackpotted. The 2019 payout was $3,980 split 50-30-20. The Champion Head and Heel Horses win $1,000 each, as does the consignor of the Gelding selected as the Craig Owens Ideal Ranch Horse. 
The bottom line is first hand exposure to thousands of buyers. At Red Bluff, exceptional horses get plenty of opportunity to stand out. We print 2500 catalogs and either mail them or hand them to folks who ask for them. Our online gelding catalogs received over 10,500 hits, not counting views received after being downloaded. Our sale attendance exceeds 3500 annually. Folks are there to buy and they have means to win the bid if they find one they can’t live without.
Why should you purchase your next gelding at Red Bluff?
The Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale was built on the principle of buyers first. From the beginning the Red Bluff Bull Sale Committee has understood that if the buyer is confident in the product and the integrity of the process the natural result will draw the consignor to participate.
The process begins with our sift and vet check. As a buyer you can be assured that each and every horse in the sale has been thoroughly examined by experienced horsemen and veterinarians. Our preview on Thursday and competitions on Friday give you a great chance to see the horses in different situations and different disciplines. Geldings and consignors are available for interaction for two full days prior to selling so you can evaluate each lot for yourself. Whether you are looking for a finished cowhorse, a reliable team roper or a young prospect, Red Bluff offers the gelding you are looking for.
If you are buying or selling, or just in the market some fun, the Red Bluff Gelding Sale offers a chance to truly mix business with pleasure.